Amazon Makers Make Thinking Visible

Project Ceiba had the goal of empowering a community to tell their story with mobile technology. It began as an idea and evolved into a journey of discovery with surprises around every tree. From high tech nuns to a 1:1 tablet school only accessible by boat. The images below are just a few snap shots giving an insight to a story that will unfold over the next few posts.

Look at the images, imagine the creation. Air play iPads over an ‘E’ network, Ocarina orchestras, Professional Learning, exploration of beats, captured field trips and student ownership and freedom to explore.

Discover mobile creation in the Amazon and how this school community embraced the idea of story telling and making their thinking come alive by making documentaries, creating books, building circuits, composing electronic music and capturing field trips that illustrate the incredibly rich and diverse part of the world they live in.

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