Project Ceiba – mobile makers in the Amazon

Project Ceiba


This week fellow colleague & film maker dude, Juan Felipe Pardo & I are heading to the Colombian Amazon to lead Project Ceiba.
Project Ceiba is a mobile learning initiative to empower local indigenous students in the Amazon Basin to tell their own story. The project aims provide each community with mobile creation devices and a series of creative, hands on, experiential workshops. This initiative came at the request of the community and their need to utilize their existing computers and develop digital literacy whilst embracing new mobile technologies.
By providing rich learning experiences and applying their ‘maker’ skills, student will create original works and share their creations, connecting with other parts of the planet. Through dynamic storytelling and media rich creation, these communities will capture life, memories and the past, to create the future and sustain the Amazon Rainforest.
We are excited to be providing ‘hands-on’ maker workshops which will include learning about circuits and simple electronics with awesome Technogy Will Save Us kits and Makey Makey to coding with Hopscotch and film and music/ sound creation on iPad in the field!

Read more about some of the innovative initiatives that have taken place over the last few years on this  blog.

The project has been made possible through a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, generous donations from HelpforHope, YAKS foundation, NutKase iPad cases and our friends at Technology Will Save Us.

Look out for more Project Ceiba updates on Facebook.

(text modified from a recent post written for the Technology Will Save Us blog)


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