My Genius Lab

November 13th 2013

We are makers!

Kindergarten are inquiring about transport. They emailed the teachers with their questions:

What is an engine?

How does a car move?

Why do the wheels move?

To help them answer the questions we dismantled a toy car. We discovered a motor and battery and then tried to make a new car using what we had learnt. Our natural tinkers were engrossed in their ‘hacking’.

On refection, following the engagement we had a look an the micro bot made from mini (mobile phone vibrate) motor and toothbrush. Students quickly invented a new game for the micro bot using corks- a sort of mini pinball game.

It’s these serendipitous moments that come out of the magic of making.

October 27th 2013

Spent the week experimenting, exploring and making…

Here’s an overview created in Storify

Made a Synthesizer with Arduino and added birthday card speaker with recycled digital camera audio out.

Created a Scratch game fully integrated to work with Makey Makey


Followed the amazing Mozfest in London

Full of ideas for the

October 24th 2013

In September 2013, we began Genius Hour at GEMS World Academy – Etoy, a given time for students to follow their passion, learn something new, discover hidden talents.

As part of the project teachers and students are encouraged to follow an idea. Genius Lab is my personal project.

Beginning by exploring the use of lunchtime for inspiration and inquiry I set up various hacking workshops, unofficial, no invitation, no obligation.

From Minecraft to inventing with Makey Makey these spontaneous workshops allow passers by to inquire, participate and have fun.

Here’s inspiration from Jay silver: Hack a Banana, Make a keyboard

Running in parallel to Genius Hour, Genius Lab so far has developed a Musical Staircase


Created a retro box game controller for PacMan

Lunchtime Hacks
Lunchtime Hacks

When new rugs arrived, spontaneous Carpet Angels came to life


Carpet Angel
Carpet Angel

Each week some student are encouraged to create 5 minute street art. We’ve had tape art, sticky note art and spot art – 30 hidden spots around the space.


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