Rock Paper Scissors – open web

Mozfest17 was over a week ago! Riding the wave of open practice, here’s an overview of my experience, a two day open workshop I facilitated, entitled Rock, Paper, Scissors – open web and our Mozilla Club Showcase – Internet Health Local Leaders Showcase, a  part of the web literacy Mozfest space.

print by Devin Dillon, curiosity

Over the last two years internet health leaders have been meeting regularly over the web, guided by club manager, Julia Vallera, to share & discuss our approaches to teaching web literacy in  diverse settings. The showcase was our first meeting in real, an opportunity to celebrate our work together at Mozfest – the world’s leading festival for the open internet movement. It featured work from South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, Italy, Kenya, India and The Netherlands.

I love the chaos of Mozfest – a first for me as facilitator and rewarding to see how a group of over 100+ folks can transform the nine floors of Ravensbourne College, London into a living, dynamic, tactile, open web of wonderment and curiosity!

Rock, Paper, Scissors – open web was an exploration of analog and digital worlds through print experiences. Building on recent maker educator residencies in Istanbul, Milan and Sheffield

Inspired by the work of Thorsten Goldberg Rock Paper Scissors,

We explored our relationship with analog and digital media, how we are in constant flow between the two –  how hands on experimentation can build understanding of internet health issues defined by the Internet Health Report:

Open Innovation – Digital Inclusion – Decentralisation – Privacy & Security – Web Literacy


making coffee at Mozfest – craft

Using laser cut stencils of pixels and icons and rubbers stamps we created original prints together in a social space, embracing a slowing down of processes – creating space for dialogue and building narratives through the craft of making.

Tip: read DING – on the Uncertain future of AI & IoT

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 14.38.52

Feedback was super positive- thanks Matt @AlwaysComputing

An original Mozilla Club – MakersJam – Art & Code Experience

Participants were guided through a workflow as follows

Creative programming – Processing sketch – idea! T-shirt print- digital image – vector image – laser cut stencil – spray paint artwork – digital photograph.

The learning experience explored the layering of media, repeating processes and remixing.

Connect/Extend to other spaces of festival

Like the open web, Mozfest creates an environment where connection and extension of ideas is encouraged through sharing open practices in each of the spaces.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 14.52.48
#cut,copy,paste open source zine

Prints were remixed as stop motion animation, by friends from HelixArts,  entered into a physical open source repository at cut, copy, paste by Open Source Activist and animator Sam Muirhead,  made into pin buttons at the meme lab from resident artist An Xiao Mina. At the fashion hack, we explored new alternatives to the ‘zip’ by tinkering with laser cut fabric enclosures and 3D printed closure systems.

printed – laser cut bag and label #hackthezipper

I’m fascinated by the depth of physical/ tactile experiences that are curated into the Mozfest Experience bringing the human element of the internet to the fore from the perspective of art, design and craft.

How do artists engage audiences with internet health issues?

How can art education create physical experiences to build understanding of key internet health issues?

As I further tweak and refine my own workshops and Maker Educator residencies in the coming months, there are many elements from Mozfest to revisit and embed and keep the Mozfest momentum moving – advocating towards a healthier internet through hands on inquiry and exploration.

Check out my Mozfest17 Gallery here.


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