Maker Educator in Residence: Istanbul International Community School

Maker Movement, New Literacies and building community around making.

Snapshots from:

Launching MakerSpaces at Istanbul International Community School

Building dialogue & community around making in the Primary Years Program.

IICS MakersJam

The heart of this maker educator residency was built around building understanding of new literacies through making and embedding these understandings within curriculum.

We asked the question:

What are these new literacies- where are they connected?

Web Literacy: “We need everyone to have the skills to read, write and participate in the digital world, so more people can move beyond consuming to actually creating, shaping and defending the Web”. – Mozilla – Internet Health Report

Invention Literacy- The ability to read and write human made stuff” Jay Silver

Maker Literacy– is there a literacy to making? How does making create new opportunities to express yourself and tell your story? The MakEY Project “seeks to explore the place of the rising ‘maker’ culture in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills.”

IICS MakersJam
The Score

Embedded Professional Learning

Educators were invited to learn and make together in hands on tinkering workshops co facilitated with Primary Ed Tech coach @KocharRiki

IICS MakersJam

We built ArtBots…IICS MakersJamIICS MakersJam

tinkered with circuits… IICS MakersJam

IICS MakersJam

created Scratch & Makey Makey interaction…

IICS MakersJamIICS MakersJam

discussed Internet health through modelling & Web Remixing…

IICS MakersJam
IICS MakersJam

interacted with Pixels…

IICS MakersJam

documented learning

Enthusiastic educators were invited to build understanding of Invention and Web Literacy through a Chalk Talk revolving around snippets of articles

IICS MakersJam// MakersJam// MakersJam//

IICS MakersJam// MakersJam// MakersJam//

We were left with many memorable experiences and many new lines of inquiry:

More than just craft or is there a craft to making?

How do open inquiry tinkering sessions develop a deeper understanding of web literacy?

What are the social aspects of making?

How do we build agency through making?

How do spaces evolve out of the ‘makerspace’?

Connecting Ideas

Sketchnote captured following my return as part of my research for Masters Education Art & Design Education (MEiA) at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam

IICS MakersJam

This is the first of a series of Maker Educator in Residence.

Tinkerable learning experiences for makers from formal and informal learning spaces.


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