First graders created mini led torches as part of their inquiries.

At the graffiti table; resources, recipes and visuals guided the making of simple switches and circuits using an led, circular cell, recycled foam (for the switch) and gaffer tape. Laser off cuts and googley eyes were added for bling.

Complimenting the maker table was an exploration area with Thymio robot, Arduino neo-pixel lighting and light up spinning tops where the young makers discussed Thymio’s emotions and created different lighting effects.

Light paintings were created in the dark room using PABLO to capture the lights and light sticks.

light painting

The resulting captures, pasted together to tell the story.

Following the initial screening, students were asked, “What does light sound like?” which led to them exploring Biophilia by Björk, in particular, Thunderbolt.

The resulting soundscapes were captures by each student drawing in Thunderbolt and composed to the visuals.

The community can experience their lightplay through a QR code displayed outside the classroom.

cutting the hole for the cell
Exploring light

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