Interactive Board Game – WWF Awareness

Introducing the Third Grade Creative Agency.

Three teams working together to design, build, program and play a board game as part of their action for the unit: Sharing the Planet. An interactive board game designed to raise awareness of endangered species around the globe.
One for creating the board, consisting of multiple biomes. Another for researching endangered animals, their habitat and threats, and another for programming the whole game in Scratch and connecting the interactive part with Makey Makey. The teams communicated on a Google Doc to ensure each group included all the required elements.


Designing the workflow with timeline was a big factor contributing to the success of the project.

The coders programmed each endangered animal separately using a template and then brought each component together using the backpack in Scratch. Once completed they carried out some user testing, making sure the game worked as planned and that each user knew how to follow the instructions and solve any technical problems they encountered.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 09.30.00

Conductive copper tape ensured connection remained good but as a back we wrote instructions of how the keys work (see end of this post)

Enjoy playing the game, raise awareness and support the WWF

It’s a joy to see these learners collaborating together in teams in an authentic way, thinking like designers- prototyping, testing and reiterating their ideas to creating this engaging game.

We look forward to sharing it with the community.

Just in case:
The keys are connected to conductive pebbles via the Makey Makey to each of the biomes below:
W deciduous forest habitat, mountains
A ocean habitat
S grassland
D Arctic, polar regions
F Jungle habitat
G fresh waters
UP deciduous forest habitat
DOWN deciduous forest habitat, grassland
RIGHT desert
LEFT tropical ocean and coral reefs


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