Light Play

I’ve been tinkering with light painting in some of my recent experiments. Taking inspiration from a recent Lighthouse project, I wanted to connect past projects and see how interactions developed when you add LEDs to scribble machines such as the one below which features:

  • deconstructed milk-frother for the motor
  • drinking straw to create extra room for rotations

Capturing light with PABLO was super easy and the results some of the best I’ve ever captured.

 A remix of a remix.


Annotated with Paper by 53


The light painting below combined an LED Skateboard project with TRON Hoodie, both from the Adafruit treasure chest of resources #futureinventors #lightpainting @techwillsaveus #longboarding #neopixels

These experiments continue with first grade as we explore light and construct our own mini led keyring torches and began to draw with them.

Light play


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