What if… my badge became activist art?

Part of the Learning2 Europe badge hack series of provocations.

With 2D laser cut stencils you can print a message on your conference badge. This could be the Learning2 theme:

include, inquire, inspire = i3

or a personal campaign


Want to create a bigger impact? Print a poster or build a towering message on cardboard boxes. Either way, your campaign or passion could fuel a conversation, make inspiring connections or open serendipitous creativity.

Here are some more tag ideas for Learning2 Europe:

maker://ed, rem/x, #underthehood, I want to believe, remix://ed, </diy>, m:ade,

fix copyright, <3internet health…

Untitled Untitled

This badge hack was inspired by @drewSaysGoVeg from Mozfest 2016. His DIY activist art workshop included badge making and banner printing.

This was expanded upon during my MakersJam Mozilla Club- Art & Code and incorporated into the grade 9 design classes where students were given the freedom to design posters for this year’s art festival whilst developing a deeper understanding of 2D design software by creating original typesets and fonts.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled



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