What if… MakeyMakey Badge Hack?

What if.. your conference badge was a game controller?

Part of the Learning2 Europe badge hack series of provocations.

What you need:

Conference badge (I used Learning2 Europe 2016 Milan edition)

Adhesive copper tape

Makey Makey

Croc clips



We took a traditional game controller design with the Earth from Makey Makey being the heart. After some user testing for our version of Super Mario Land, modifications were made to enable right/jump simultaneously. This is an easy fix by reassigning croc clips to create the control you need.

Version 2.0 featured a copper wire ring connected to the earth heart and reassigned jump key to thumb to enable more Mario control.


The Makey Makey badge hack opens up endless opportunities for imagining a new type of game controller.

What if you controller was tube shaped?

What if you connected humans to each control for interactive conference gaming?



Join the badge hack revolution- you can reuse and remix your conference badge anywhere.

The conference makers artifact.


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