Learning2 What if…you maker your own learning?

With Learning2 Europe around the corner. It’s time for the What if…series.

A short selection of inspirations to provoke curiosity, and gain an insight of what i’ll be getting up to at this year’s Pre-Con which I am co-leading with Sarah Woods. A hands on workshop…

Maker your own learning…

Ever wonder why classes involve everyone doing the same thing at the same time? Ever wish you could explore and experiment with how class time works? Ever try to figure out how the “Maker” movement might fit into your classroom?

We do and that’s why we’ve created a day that will be driven by your interests and needs. We’ll offer a framework of gamification for those who need something to hang their experiments on and an open-ended design challenge for those who just want to tinker at the graffiti table.

Untitled You’ll be hacking your conference badge with paper circuitry and led stickers, hooking up Makey Makey, synthesiser, Arduino lighting and Raspberry Pi to make things blink and more. Try your hand at DIY activist art and grow the conference into a giant rock, paper, scissors bonanza! You can learn how to use 123D Design to create 3D printed designs and then watch a 3D printer in action. You’ll also get to experiment with how core human drives, influence enjoyment in play and explore how to design your own game with a balance of black and white hat elements. Together we’ll keep the Maker movement flowing through the conference! Untitled


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