CentriGoPro Prototype edit

The CentriGoPro is one of a series of ongoing #geniushour projects.

This laser cut rig was modelled on Nicolas Vuignier’s centriphone/centrigopro design and cut in acrylic which I found to be too brittle as a material.

The first flight with movement shown above had many challenges. Despite freezing conditions the rig flew and spun. The fishing wire kept getting caught in my GoPro helmet fixing and riding regular with a spinning camera in your right hand messes with your mind- hence the crash.

The rig shattered and the GoPro flew down the piste.

The edit was inspired by @TimHumphreys #Boomerang cut. Nice #method, I have to work on that before spinning things round my head.

The next step of the project is to refine the design so that the rig is unseen in image capture. I am going to source more flexible material and possibly use wire instead of fishing wire for the initial 3 point fix.

Reason for GoPro- my iPhone6 battery dies at zero degrees in 10s!

prototype centrigopro/ centriphone rigs

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