Art & Code

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 16.47.47

We started out this year drawing spirals with pixels. Exploring many possibilities with Scratch, ScratchX & Leap Motion, Beetle Blocks. Whilst playing a Sonic Pi programmed soundscape we opened Chrome Music Lab’s Spectrogram to see what the visualisation looked like.

What if we programmed our own sound responsive visuals by tinkering with our original Scratch drawing sketch?


Spirals Code
Sample code



Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 13.36.28
Sample code drawn with mouse



Drawing Spirals
Beetle Blocks Spirals

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 13.26.06



Ellipse in Processing
Processing sketch modified

These sound generated drawings were introduced at EU Code Week.

Our listening journey led us to Processing.

“Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. generated sketches transformed into laser cut stencils.”

Scratch with Leap Motion
ScratchX with Leap Motion


Bubbles in Beetle Blocks
Bubbles in Beetle Blocks








In Processing we tinkered with basic drawing sketches to produce art that would have a visual impact in an outdoor environment. These ideas led from printing t-shirts to designing laser-cut stencils- inspired by a Mozfest space, DIY Activist Art with@drewSaysGoVeg.



Here’s our initial code

void setup() {
size(600, 400);
stroke(100, 127, 154, 255);
void draw() {
line(mouseX, mouseY, 200, 200 );
line(22, 0, 10, 10 );
line(mouseX, mouseY, 200, 200 );
line(222, 0, 100, 100 );

From coded drawings we created jpeg images which were vectorised in 2D Design software in preparation for laser cutting.

Following an intense discussion about artist intention and colour effect we made plans to spray our work in an underground carpark.

Coded Street Art

Untitled Untitled


was an exploration as a provocation for the club.

“MozEx navigates the value of art to society through web-literacy, digital inclusion and accessibility, social action, privacy, policy, and hacking.”

 MozEx is an art exhibition, curated by the digital learning teams at both the Tate and the V&A, showcasing dynamic digital artwork spanning many disciplines and media.

This inspirational exhibition will continue to provide rich provocations for our MakersJam

UntitledDIY Activist Art

Our final session of the year saw our coded 2D stencils evolve into mono prints. Allowing us to compare media from spray can to acrylic applied with a roller.

As we dive deeper into a world of art & code, driven by a passion for creativity in education, web literacy and open practices.




Untitled Untitled

Original text posted on Medium as The Spirit of MozFest modified for Mozilla Clubs report.


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