European Maker Week – Art Gallery Take Over


With Europe Code Week around the corner we are revisiting Maker Week and building on this experience to celebrate making and coding in our curriculum.

Embracing the ‘POP UP’ space to cultivate curiosity was the goal of the art gallery take over. This year we want to continue this growth and extend opportunities both formally and informally in a recognised learning space whilst extending and making the maker movement in school visible

The maker movement is not about the *stuff* we can make, it’s about the *meaning* we can make…”

Jay Silver, Founder/CEO of JoyLabz

Throughout this exciting week we celebrated the maker movement

Two 5th Grade students creativity advocates chose this event as their
action from their recent PYP Exhibition.

European Maker Week was over 500 events in 36 countries: many people attended the workshops, labs and talks, organised over the seven full days of exciting networking and growth opportunities.  The energy and excitement of the European Maker Week  will generate fresh ways of thinking about inclusive solutions for makers, start-ups and policy makers. 

Explore the European Maker Week website for a gallery of the event.

Untitled Untitled
We held workshops, demos and hands on tinkering experiences in our art gallery take over. Featuring tech takedowns, interactive Scratch projects on Raspberry Pi with Makey Makey loosely themed around spinning things.
The drawing spinning machines featured recycled laptop fans, providing constant amazement.
Mini workshops such as the LED mini flashlights were a hit.
Untitled UntitledUntitled

Check out the awesome light painting they made with them.

Untitled Untitled
For Europe Code Week 2016 we’ll be officially opening our Library MakerSpace!
Workshops will include:
#Sonic Pi on Raspberry Pi DJ#DIY Gamer programming in Arduino#Art & Code- creating with Scratch, Processing, ScratchX with Leap Motion & Beetle Blocks#Play Swift Playgrounds#My Scratch Autobiography#Library Bots#Little Bits Genius Hour#Wear your X Ray Goggles- Mozilla Web Literacy#




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