DIY Splitboard-surrounded by opportunity

Any DIY project opens up a world of new ideas and exploration. As we connect with the materials we tinker with, we make connections to previous learnings and projects. We ask questions that begin, “What if we…?”

What if we could go snowboarding at night?

What if we cut an old snowboard in half?

What if we fix controllable led lights to a board?

Last year, I was introduced to backcountry night boarding/skiing by Adam Hughes, all round adventurer! Last year, head torch on, I’d hike up hills in snowshoes, board on my back and snowboard down the mountain.

I hacked a longboard to light up and became much closer to my local landscape in the Jura, Switzerland.

This year, the season started early!

Goal: to build my own splitboard.

After much research, see below, I took my trusted Burton board and cut in in half and my journey to creating and riding my split board began and opened new avenues to explore. From 3D printing and light drawing to 360 degree photography and dog training.

If you have an idea: prototype it, build it, tinker with it and let it grow!

Here is my story in photographs and film, from inspiration to creation.

First descent! Photograph: Alistair Gorrie

Surrounded: Dog, snow, splitboard and spinning an iPhone around.


The scariest is the cut- you only get one go!

Board cut in half, now to fix the Voilé DIY Split Kit

Untitled Untitled

Night riding with Will.

Splitboard research.


Full Moon (almost) descent.


La Barilette, Jura Mountains, Switzerland, straight after work. Photograph: Alistair Gorrie



From prototype to reality, by Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier.

We printed our own (thanks Nicholas for the stl files) and it flew like a dream (watch Surrounded above)



Nilly is just over a year old, she loves the snow, the mountains and the freedom to run.


Out of all my maker projects over the last year, this one has to be my favourite. it’s brought me closer to the materials I work with, the landscape I live in and the people (and dog) I share it with.



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