Make Space for MakerSpaces

Urban exploration: The act of going places you’re not supposed to go. One of the cardinal rules of urban exploration is “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Graffiti: … commonly refers to decorative imagery applied by paint or other means to buildings, public transport or other property. Although it may be said to derive from Classical Antiquity or even Prehistoric times, the term essentially describes the post-1960s craze for decorating/defacing the urban environment through the use of aerosol spray paint and markers, which emerged in New York…

Guerrilla: Using unconventional and usually inexpensive means to generate interest or raise concern among the public, asin commercial marketing or social activism.

Challenge convention and mindsets.

Kath Murdoch recent noted, schools need to, ‘invite curiosity and wonderment’ into the learning landscape. There is a need to make space for MakerSpaces.

In 2015 I was invited to present at the ECIS Technology conference, hosted by the Bavarian International School in Munich.

A space for hands on ‘making’ experiences. With super support from the organising team I set up spaces for inquiry. I had the opportunity to try an idea out.

Thanks to Kimberly House, Frederic Nevers, Kevin Skidmore for being brave enough to take a risk.ecis2015_16x9-titleslide01

The ‘Pop Up’ Makerspace!

Set up in the entrance of school there was- Dance Mat Pacman with Makey MakeyMinecraft on Raspberry Pi with Python, DIY gamer animation connected to Arduino, Adafruit Flora lighting for #TECHxture laser cut out and the Umbrella DJ with Ototo.

Flowing out of these provocations came an LED lit skateboard, mini Golf game, circuits with conductive dough and a ingenious smartphone stand.

Above all we had bags of engagement from students from the school, collaborative problem solving and lots of onlooking conference participants!

These ideas grew, were refined and prototyped in and out of school across age groups and as part of our MakersJam Mozilla Club.

At Learning2Europe my manifesto for making will come to life- The Pop Up MakerSpace!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 13.56.45

This is my manifesto for making in education, a provocation to redesign classrooms, learning spaces, schools entrance lobbies to foster inquiry, curiosity and wonder.

Be the Urban Exploring maker in your school, the Guerrilla technologist, the Graffiti Artist tinkerer. Be ready to provoke & inspire!

Through a series of hands on learning experiences, I would like to invite participants to prototype, tinker, build and create stuff with meaning. Whether controlling a game with Makey Makey or building a scribble bot, these experiences will invite curiosity.
By asking, “What if?” Anything will be possible
We will create opportunities to engage fellow conference participants with hands on making experiences that will ‘pop up’ throughout the weekend.

Participants will have the chance to code a soundscape with Sonic Pi, build a giant game controller, upgrade a skateboard, draw on the open web, Scribble with a DIY Scribble machine, invent a musical instrument or remix the conference website.


All you’ll need is a computer, create a Scratch account & Mozilla Webmaker account, download Sonic Pi and be prepared to use lots of tape!

Jason Silva notes in his freestyled commentary on ‘The Remix Revolution’ that already evolving are “new possibility spaces for human expression…”.

We can create these spaces in our schools and communities.

We can add layers of ‘tecxture’ to our learning landscape. 

What if this spaces we build for extracurricular became curricular exploration spaces?

Spaces that allow for serendipity to happen?

I am not alone, Guerrilla Maker Space was born  as a project to create transformative experiences.  Maker spaces, in all forms, have the potential to transform: spaces, communities, identities, interactions with people and with technology, mindsets, motivations, passions, and creative agency. Christan and I launched into this project with the belief that maker spaces hold a sort of transformative magic

They’ve done some pretty cool research with their Pop Up spaces!

We made great progress in developing our technology integration plan and both design and arts curriculum into these ideals, challenging students and colleagues to remix their own thinking and make space for creation.




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