Mozilla Club lift off!

The MakersJam: first Mozilla Club in Switzerland took off this January.

As the first Mozilla Club in Switzerland we are part of a global movement dedicated to reading and writing the web.

We are exploring Mozilla’s Webmaker Tools, tinkering with electronics and making things do stuff!

We ask the question, “What if…?”
We are much more than just learning to code, we are committed to shaping the web through peer to peer learning, collaboration, experimentation and creation…finding new and imaginative ways to express ourselves.

It’s been a fun start!


We began by building our Web Literacy Competencies of Credibility and Search. We search via some sort of search engine regularly but is everything you read or watch online true?

By researching about the legendary Kraken we tested the reliability of each search using a Legit-o-meter adapted from the Mozilla tools.

Using Thimble we remixed a meme to explain our understanding. In X-ray Goggles we explored remixing further by redesigning the Science Museum, London website to be all about the Kraken. This idea evolved from one of the many inspirations from Mozfest, London and a collaboration with Tate Gallery.

Check out some of our web remixes/creations here, here, here, have a go at remixing them yourself by selecting the remix button.

Using the PingKong resources from Mozilla Learning we discovered how the internet works. Check out how students explained their understanding below:

A “Different Approach to coding” by Mitch Resnick and David Siegel captures our philosophy of making and remaking ourselves through programming.


krakencodeScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 09.28.49


Help shape the Global Web- try out some of the activities yourself.

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