The MakersJam

Born out of last year’s Make Things Do Stuff after school club,
 will take place in our new MakerSpace design lab.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.05.43
As the first Mozilla Club in Switzerland we will be part of a global movement dedicated to reading and writing the web.
Explore Mozilla’s Webmaker Tools, tinker with electronics and make things do stuff! We ask the question, “What if…?”

We are much more than just learning to code, we are committed to shaping the web through peer to peer learning, collaboration, experimentation and creation…finding new and imaginative ways to express ourselves, oh and having lots of fun!
MYP service students will drive the club and join a global movement.


More about Mozilla Clubs here.

This recent article, posted on medium, “A different approach to coding” written by Scratch creator Mitch Resnick captures the feel of this new club, suggesting four guiding principles: Projects, Peers, Passion and Play.

The club will be open for students from grade 4- 11.
We’ll help shape the Global Web – by building stuff together.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.59.22

The name MakersJam combines two inspirations:

  1. The MakerSpace- I recently presented about making space for Makerspaces in schools and “What if Extracurricular could be curricular?”
  2. The Jam- “Two or more musicians making music together but not an official band.” (src: Urban Dictionary) Ewan McIntosh shared his insights into the Jam from the recent Practical Pedagogies conference in Toulouse.

MakersJam is a group of makers gathering to make stuff together, to bring ideas to life, to learn together- to jam!

Our MakerSpace offers access to workshop tools and workspaces, 2D laser printer, 3D printer and a tinkerers paradise including Makey Makey, LittleBits, Technology Will Save Us DIY kits, Thymio Robots, wearable electronics construction kits and conductive ink complimented with wifi access and a range of creative software tools.


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