Making Thinking Visible

iTunesU Making Thinking Visible 2

Making Thinking Visible from the ‘Lessons for the Classroom’ series was created directly as a result of a collaboration forged at the Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute in California last year.

It seeks to guide educators through practices that support making thinking visible.

A year long research pilot project with a small cohort of educators composed of elementary & middle school teachers to curriculum coordinators & technicians have investigated the course, trying out the many creative features and taking inspiration from Apple Distinguished Educator created resources, ‘One Best Thing’.

One of the goals of the course was to make the rich plethora of ideas and innovative practices from ‘One Best Thing‘ collection available & visible, connecting concepts to authentic learning experiences.

Course Description

Making Thinking Visible published by Apple Distinguished Educators in iTunes U.
This course offers an innovative approach to professional learning! Specifically, this course was collaboratively designed by Apple Distinguished Educators, Caroline Haebig and Mark Shillitoe to model innovative uses of mobile learning technologies and provide professional development resources for educators.

This course creatively embeds iOS technologies in authentic ways to support the design of student centered learning experiences and develops strong instructional practices that increase student engagement.

Course participants are strategically guided through a series of differentiated learning engagements. Further, this course is rooted in inquiry, embracing the opportunities for creativity fostered by the exceptional content created by Apple Distinguished Educators.

This course provides opportunities to transform learning experiences emphasizing making thinking visible.

I had the opportunity to share some of the learning engagements within the course directly with participants at ECIS Technology Conference in Munich, Germany. The theme of the conference was building engagement.

Here’s a selection of slides. An audience of over 50 eager educators were invited to capture their thinking using their mobile device utilising rich media creation and visible thinking routines from Visible Thinking at Project Zero.

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I see, I think, I wonder captured as a screen shot sketchnote

Kim Confino invited us to provide authentic learning experiences. Allow students ownership of the amazing creative tools available, to “learn with technology the way we live with technology”.


Captures Headlines

Participants in Munich were invited to capture thinking throughout the workshop. Headlines create valuable snapshots into thinking and current understanding and open learners to reflect deeply on key ideas.

Colour, Symbol, Image extends these understandings allowing the learner to make more abstract connections to concepts, using different senses to represent the essence of an idea non verbally.

Using mobile tools allows rich media learning stories to grow. These stories can be revisited, annotated and remixed to form new approaches to learning.

I see, I think, I wonder captures, in image and annotated with Skitch

Headlines CNN Style

from @fzammarano provides an alternative approach to capturing ideas in the classroom or in the field.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Build your own cabinet of curiosities and invite curiosity & wonderment in your learning space when your share your rich media creations.

Cindy Crannell has been investigating ways to utilise Google Apps to Make Thinking Visible

These amazing mobile tools provide new opportunities to express ourselves just as Jackson Pollack threw paint or Henry Moore formed ideas, you can now tell your story in a multitude of ways that may uncover new ways of thinking.

Check out the recommendation from Leah Hinton at TechSpaghetti for our iTunes U course “Most of the stuff on here is free and I highly recommend trying it out in the classroom”

For more inspiration check out the iTunes U Apple Distinguished Educator Channel

Try some of the innovative approaches out for yourself such as this project: Designing your own juice bar by Cindy Crannell- Design your own juice bar to declutter your tangled cables.

One Best Thing

Apple Education’s description of the One Best Thing series:

Discover innovative classroom strategies and activities in these Multi-Touch books by Apple Distinguished Educators. Each guide in the One Best Thing collection highlights a specific use of Apple products, apps, and other content to transform teaching and learning. From effective assessment practices to exciting student projects, this professional learning series – devised by outstanding educators – provides practical tips and a lot of inspiration.


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