ReCode, remix, rethink

Technology as digital art…

We had the great pleasure of recently collaborating on a contemporary dance project with Combination Dance.

REcode is professional dance work explaining cutting edge medical research into cancer treatment.

The work guides participants through complex science through movement.

Beginning with cell exploration, REcode reflects upon the importance of ongoing improvements in different types of cancer treatment and prognosis and shares the experiences of those affected and the hope they each hold.

Taking inspiration from Björk’s Biophilia and biomedical animator Drew Berry, I created an original soundscape to reflect the feeling of being inside a cell whilst complementing the idea of lines of code being the foundation of who we are.

These connections naturally led to working with Sonic Pi.
Sonic Pi is a free live coding synth for everyone originally designed to support computing and music lessons within schools.
Developed by by Sam Aaron

I developed a series of loops which could then be mixed live – a coded soundscape!
The soundscape was played as a backing to a voice over of a scientist explaining molecular biology as dancers journeyed into a human cell. The scientific content was based upon, and was developed with help from Imperial scientists Professor Michael Seckl and Dr Ana Costa-Pereira and their team.

The resulting soundscape was remixed in GarageBand and integrated with the voice over and dance allowing the dancers to guide the audience through he experience.

The resulting performances were practiced and performed to our school community providing the perfect opportunity to test out Periscope We streamed the performances live to the world.

It’s projects such as these where I am reminded of the need to break down the traditional barriers that school subjects create.

ReCode illustrates how technology, when combined with art, science, dance and music can create original ideas and develop imaginative ways of exploring and experiencing the universe around us.

(We even introduced Tape Art to the performance)

Technology, when seen as a digital art form can a transformative medium for self expression as both Drew Berry and Björk illustrate. By expressing ourselves in innovative ways we can continue to create and recreate the world around us and may be find solutions to challenges and problems that have been hidden behind convention.

Check out Björk’s recent release of ‘Stonemilker’ posted to YouTube as a 360 degree video (be sure to view in Chrome). If you have a Virtual Reality viewer even better.
“another tech-infused work” Adario Strange on Mashable


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