What if a whole room was a game controller?

Adventures and Explorations with Makey Makey


This post was written for the Global Codeathon 2015.

It invites you to connect irrelevant ideas together and invent something new!

Eric Rosenbaum, co creator of Makey Makey invites us all to have a ‘beginners mind’ when it comes to creating and inventing. Imagine seeing projects and things for the first time, with fresh eyes, free from judgement and ask the question, what if it was…?

Check out his recent interview with Alex Ruthmann (Music Experience Design Lab NYU Steinhardt) hosted by the LittleBits, Invent Anything crew!

Students embarked on a design project with Makey Makey.

We asked “what if” questions, inviting them to imagine the endless possibilities of creating with Makey Makey.

What if a room was a game controller?

What if an umbrella was a music instrument?

What if a robot greeted visitors to school?

Here are some of our explorations:

Game room

Umbrella DJ

Mini Golf project 
What ever your project with Makey Makey, your sure to have lots of fun and add TECHxture to your next maker idea!

Failure is at the heart of your tinkering, from each prototype refine your thinking and never. give up.
Connect stuff, combine a scratch programme and bring your ideas to life!

Four years ago I was introduced to Makey Makey by Stefania Druga, founder of Hackidemia– this got me interested in coding and began a whole new journey of making, tinkering and coding.


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