MakerSpace Parkour

Check out the MakerSpace Parkour (originally posted May 2014)

Coding Superheroes from shillinberlin on Vimeo.

We were all coding superheroes today! Teacher and Students joined in an afternoon of fun taking things apart, build new things and opening their minds to new ideas. Our Makerspace parkour featured a hack space where our rockstars could take a teachers mobile phone apart, build electric circuits, discover how a dynamo works and see inside a BeeBot. Given lines of code, participants were invited to test it out on BeeBot and build a street and city that would fit the code. Three different inventions were on offer using Makey Makey. We had a keyboard of fruit with earthed foot pedal (you had to take your shoes off to make this work!), tinfoil and insides of a computer keyboard and play dough (you had to wear ‘the ring’ to ensure a full circuit)

The virtual teacher guided coders through a tutorial to create shapes and artwork in Hopscotch on iPad (see below for the tutorial). It was amazing to see our Kindergarten students buddying up with second graders to solve problems and learn together. Our final station was Leap Motion, a soothing end to a high energy parkour where you could perform T’ai Chi movements in the air to create stunning visuals.

Twitter featured throughout the event with all teachers and some students tweeting the event live so our friends around the world could follow the fun!


STEM or STEAM education, is globally a hot topic at the moment and inquiry based events such as these demonstrate how we can learn and develop new interests if provided with a stimulating environment that blends new innovations, the ‘hackerthon’ feel and opportunities to explore and build things together. After this 90 minute session we were all eager to share our enthusiasm and the things we had learnt and tried for the first time. Our open learning landscape was perfect for self guided discovering and combining all ages together. We all felt like superheroes challenging the future head on!

Here are a selection of resources created and curated for the Global Codeathon organised by our friends at UNIS Hanoi.  

Codeathon from shillinberlin on Vimeo.

Here’s an introduction to Hopscotch, a cool iPad coding language. Create drawing, animations and games.

Global Codeathon 2014 1.1 from shillinberlin on Vimeo. Try out the new update of Hopscotch with Rules and Abilities
Our coding club, ‘Coding rockstars‘ made a series of guides inspired by their time learning with Hopscotch, the iPad coding environment.

We’ll also be making new keyboards and game controllers with Makey Makey Check out some of the cool things you can build.


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