The Six Word Story

As part of our ongoing professional learning studies we sought inspiration from Apple Distinguished Educator
Don Goble

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.23.30

Tell a short story in Six Unique Shots

Reviewing the ‘One Best Thing’ Chapter provided us with an overview of his project and examples of how such an approach can enhance writing. We will adapt this idea to deepen our understanding of the role of technology in an inquiry classroom.

Here’s an overview of his project ‘Six Word Story’ with many useful links inspired by Ernest Hemingway.

Don offers a range of approaches to capturing your story using a variety of camera angles:

  • Extreme Wide
  • Wide
  • Medium
  • Tight
  • Extreme Tight
  • Low angle
  • High Angle
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Canted
  • Eye level

There’s even a twitter handle for further inspiration

This idea links naturally to the VT ‘Headlines’​ routine. I encourage using these refining techniques which reduce ideas to  few ideas and images. Our inquiries from the previous week used the Frayer model to define the role of technology in the inquiry classroom. Using routines such as those above streamline our thinking whilst enhancing our use of technology to tell a story.

Tools such as iPad or iPhone provide us with a production studio in our pockets!

Challenge: Capture ‘Inquiry’ in Six Unique Shots.


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