Sketchnote collection

I have been sketchnoting for around 6 months, capturing ideas, thinking things out and refining technique.
Always a doodler, I have been interested in the work of Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping for many years.
Following an expert masterclass by fellow ADE Brad Ovenell-Carter this summer, my sketchnoting journey continued to develop. Progressing from SketchBook to Paper by FiftyThree my sketches try to capture the ideas of others and to plan out my own thinking.
A big part of a recent collaboration to create an iTunes U course ‘Developing Leaders : Redefining Mobile Learning’, Sketchnoting is now part of both our student and teacher skill repertoire, supporting them to make their thinking visible.

Here’s my collection of sketches made over the last six months.


Sketchnote Primer by Brad Ovenell-Carter

Check out the work of Amy Burvall fellow Sketchnoter and Serendipidoodle creator.


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