Death of the clipboard!

Heading out into the field is often accompanied with a clip board, worksheet and pencil! The paper returns soggy and the pencil nowhere to be seen.

There is still a place for note taking with mixed media and adding an iPad with carefully designed learning experiences can transform field studies. Here are two examples…

Making Sense of Materials

Capturing digital artifacts, curating in Picstitch, annotating in Skitch, sharing on Twitter!

Grade 2 are really enjoying making their thinking visible by combining capture and annotation tools to tell their learning stories to a global audience.

Using iPad allows this creative approach to happen in the field, making learning meaningful and authentic, as the curation process is happening in context to the event capture.

These mini learning museums are then immediately available to share throughout the community.

Field trip to Ikea

Grade 4 headed our to Ikea to observe the power of advertising. Using their iPad they took photographs of the advertisements around Ikea and used Skitch to explain their thinking. This was done whilst on location or on the train, returning to school allowing thinking to be focused and authentic. These digital notes can then be reflected upon on student personal blogs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add Sketchnoting to this experience and students have created rich media artifacts ready to curate into learning stories using creative apps such as Book Creator

Not a soggy worksheet in sight!

Learning experiences such as these are currently being mapped across our curriculum to ensure all learners are exposed to a wide range of methods of capturing learning. Guided by the ISTE standards we are collaboratively creating this map to ensure that students have many opportunities to capture learning whilst providing them with such a diverse range that they can readily choose appropriate tools when required. We are mindful of having our landscape open enough to invite new and creative ways of doing things particularly if these are student driven whilst noting particular apps that at this time will transform the experience. Identifying the core standards identified by ISTE is essential as new apps will constantly be modified and reinvented. Coupled with an open minded team of educators, willing to let students take ownership over their learning allows for engagements such as those above to remain fresh and relevant.


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