Wonderings from ‘Mobile Learning’ leaders workshop today…

As part of our professional learning we are inquiring into technology integration and how mobile learning tools can make thinking visible and further deepen learning in an inquiry classroom.
Here are a few wonderings from today.

How does the SAMR model of technology integration relate to the inquiry cycle?

Inquiry cycle sketchnote from Kath Murdoch workshop 20th November 2014


How does the inquiry cycle relate to a model of professional learning specifically for technology integration?

To support our understanding we used the Frayer Model to define the role of technology in the inquiry classroom.

Having wandered and wondered between app specific inquiries and differing interpretations for different grade levels we determined where we were on the inquiry cycle in our mLearning leaders course regarding our role as digital leaders and within our personal learning journeys.

We naturally move in various directions around the inquiry cycle and as mobile learning leaders model this process both as learners and coaches/educators.
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.47.16

Redefining learning experiences requires a constant process of reflection and action supported by a culture of curiosity and sharing of ideas.


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