Tinkerers and Makers

Introducing grade 9 students to the maker movement and tinkering,  together with their first  hands on learning, maker project- Scribble Bots!

Powered by Google Classroom to empower collaboration and blended learning we provided students with a series of provocations to capture the feel of the movement- see below.

The experience has left me feeling both enthused by the potential of maker projects in school and incredibly challenged by the restrictions that a typical school day poses to project based learning of this type. Ideation and hands on tinkering cannot be confined to a one hour block and requires time for inquiry, discovery, research, prototyping, modification, documentation of the process and the need to play!

Our session had all the feel of “kindergarten” an approach long advocated by MIT and the Lifelong Kindergarten project

Lost & Found from Joey Bania on Vimeo.

We Are Makers from Learning Studio on Vimeo.

Scribble Bots

Rapid Prototyping and Modify

Reflecting on prototypes

Making thinking visible using Skitch



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