Museum of MozFest

Open mind for an Open Web.

For the last 2 years I have followed Mozfest via the web from both Germany and Switzerland, allowing ideas and provocations to filter into my practice. This year I was lucky enough to be able attend in the real.

Embracing the edge of London together with the vibrant openness of Mozfest. I left with a feel that the rethink of learning and education we all desire could be possible. Together we can build the future!

My serendipitous journey is captured here in a series of artifacts and collisions, built up and created over the weekend- here’s my Museum of Mozfest, a Wunderkamer of creativity and the open web.


The spirit of the un-conference had a lasting impact on me and if we are truly to change the nature of ‘school’ and reimagine education, it is this free flow approach to making and project learning that we need to embrace.


Amy Burvall introduced all to the remix of ideas, “You need to make time for creativity on a daily basis…try doing something small, like a @Serendipidoodle or a #threethirtysketchquote.” (From Amy’s blog)

She invites you to think, draw & share in her social creativity project.

(I like how she uses Reflector to capture drawing in Paper by FiftyThree to enable us to watch the drawing process)

Culture Jam & Webmaker


A fantastic use of X-Ray Goggles inviting people to remix the Tate Website. Here’s what I made.

I have been using X-Ray goggles with grade 6

Sketchnotes on the Open Web

Mark Surmann discusses the web in terms of market square v the shopping mall

Technology Will Save Us- Pop Up Mentor


The kits from Technology Will Save Us provide the bridge for people keen to move from visual programming on platforms such as Hopscotch or Scratch to Arduino. I had a lot of fun tinkering with the code to build animations (flip book style) and enjoyed supporting visiting students as a pop up mentor and seeing how quickly they made the programs their own.

Raspberry Pi & Minecraft

I learnt how to code Minecraft on the Pi with Python and discussed explosion graffiti which go hand in hand when laying TNT.


Maker Party

Having just planned and facilitated our first MakerFaire in school I am confident to uphold my Webmaker pledge

HearUsHere Sound

A platform for The City Rings project. Pretty excited by this mobile, location based augmented sound platform.

“Recording a sound should be as accepted as taking a photo”

We went out capturing artifacts which were added to the HearUsHere Mozfest app.

Coffee Magicians

Let’s not forget the coffee magicians who wove their magic non stop throughout the day often remixing the froth.


Thanks to Chris Pinchen and Michelle Thorne where the journey began back in Berlin and all the other Mozillians who I was fortunate to stubble into Sven Ehmann, Sarah Zaman, Stephen Band, Samantha Wheeler, Allison Hauser.
The Umbrella Samurai
Here’s Allison’s mix which accompanied her thought provoking performance art piece.


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