Sketchnoting- Making Thinking Visible

Sketchnoting about Sketchnoting with Grade 4

The recent article from ISTE Connects discusses a student centred classroom where students have access to mobile learning devices to heighten engagement and make thinking visible.Mobile devices put students in control

Sketchnoting captures the very essence of this, where learners can note ideas and thinking in a personal style that can become part of their creative workflow in order to deepen understanding.

Using drawing applications such as Paper by 53 or SketchBook Pro, students can quickly master the fundamentals of sketchnoting adding personal touches that strengthen learning connections.

For this introduction to grade 4, we sketchnoted about sketchnoting, detailing basic ideas of why it could be useful, modifying styles, bonus ideas of adding points of view and formative assessment snapshots.
Adding Skitch to our workflow then gave the option of adding annotated reflections using the visible thinking routine I see, I think, I wonder…
Reflection I see, I think, I wonder with Skitch

For a more detailed introduction to Sketchnoting Apple Distinguished Educator Brad Ovenell-Cartner created this excellent Sketchnote Primer


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