Mobile Learning: Developing Student Leaders

I have long being an advocate of developing students as digital leaders. By providing professional learning experiences in the classroom where educators can learn alongside students, students can direct their learning and make meaningful connections to their units of inquiry. These authentic experiences allow both student and educator to have ownership over their learning and develop their own personal profile of a digitally literate learner.
ISTE profiles provide a guide to experiences learners should be engaging with, fulfilling contemporary skills of creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making, Digital Citizenship, Technology Operations and concepts
“These profiles are based on ISTE’s core belief that all students must have regular opportunities to use technology to develop skills that encourage personal productivity, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration in the classroom and in daily life.
Coupled with the standards, the profiles provide a set of examples for preparing students to be lifelong learners and contributing members of a global society.” ISTE Profiles for Technology Literate Students

On SEWA day 2014 students decided that they would like to share their learning experiences and knowledge of creating on iPad with other students and educators.
Powered by the student voice, these ideas initiated a ‘speed geeking’ event led by young learners who were able to demonstrate many of the above skills, providing clear evidence that embedded professional learning is both effective and empowering. The added bonus here was being part of a growing body of educators who captured learning in action, remixed with applications such as Picstitch and shared globally via social media channels like Twitter.

Storified experiences here:


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