So here’s the thing…MUSEUM#ade2014

The following artefacts have been gathered following the recent thought provoking Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute 2014, San Diego, California.
Gather together some of the worlds leading learning innovators together in one place and you have an increasing myriad of ideas growing, endless collaboration and a little bit of magic!

This is MUSEUM#ade2014 inspired by many.

One Last Thing- Collaborative Reflection with Caroline Haebig @Haebig

One Last Thing from shillinberlin on Vimeo


Through out the week, fellow ADEs were encouraged to make thinking visible by sketchnoting using Paper or otherwise. Inspired by Brad Overnell-Cartner @Braddo here are my thoughts, ideas and doodles from the week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image capture was prolific through out the week- Capturing Learning in action, in the field by embracing amazing tools from iOS and DSLR to GoPro. Here are some of my favourites. Sometimes editing in Snapseed or collaged in PicStitch.

iPad Orchestra: Recorded as part of the 20th Anniversary of the Apple Distinguished Community

Flowing thoughts from Twitter



There’s a kaleidoscope of take homes from such a gathering, some difficult to conceptualise into words.

I have discussed, challenged, created, trained (everyday v.early with Cindy Crannell) surfed, thought, reflected, even visited a laundrette.

The lasting take home will be knowing that where ever you are in the world there’s a community of like minded, open minded educators, committed to changing the landscape of learning for the better.

The continued collaboration and innovation will be testament to this.



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