The world through sound- A reflection of ‘The City Rings’ Project

A live response to ‘The City Rings’ trailer. Live composition using sound objects available. from shillinberlin on Vimeo.


Here’s the revised composition following the above reflection discussing the sonic qualities of the objects around the room.

the city rings from kobewens on Vimeo.

Remix the live recording with the film trailer using Mozilla Popcorn Maker– make it your own, create your own soundscape.

Students help a collaborative, community share, inviting participants to listen to Sonic Postcards and write story starters.

Here are some of the ideas developed from the engagement.

The washing machine is turning and making gurgling sounds
A clumsy giant was trying to creep through the kitchen. Crash! Bang!
Deep down in the basement of the castle, Elgrid scrubbed and twiddled knobs
In the woods, taking apart a robot in a cave
The train fell down and a girl got out
Once upon a time there was a boy called Adam, making fire
A place in a forest
There was a little duck who always went, ‘Quack’
In a dark morning, in a rainforest, the frog was crying
A little swamp with crickets singing and owls hooting
People shopping
An owl, a cricket, carving, waterfall
There was once a frog who met with an owl
Once upon a time an owl flew into the field with crickets. There was a river with ducks and a train stopped at the forest
As the swan and geese travel above the pond an owl hoots in a tall oak tree
There was once a boy fixing a fence and meeting animals
All was quiet in the woods, suddenly an owl hooted
It all started in the wild

From the diversity of sounds recorded to compose the postcard soundscape our story starters have taken us all back to nature, reconnecting us with an environment full of living sounds. Amazing as initially our first graders were frustrated that they couldn’t record natural sounds around school.

The final session of the City Rings project saw grade 2 students reflect upon the Sonic Postcards sent by the collaborating partner schools.
As with their assembly, they crafted story ideas, inspired by the soundscapes.

An evil man laughing because he stole someones’s jewels and precious things
Someone hitting a bow with a hammer and out of the bow a jet splashes on to the man’s face
A monkey is laughing , crying, climbing and doing enormous things
A kid making music
Two kids getting into a lot of trouble in the house, like breaking dishes and spraying water all over the place
A man walking home from work and suddenly it starts to rain so he starts to run home but the door is locked so he has to ring a funny door bell, it opens and he runs upstairs
Someone getting hair out of a beanbag
Someone whistling in the rain
A frog doing an annoying sound
Someone falling off a cliff
A baby crying, someone laughing, wiping plates
A tea party
A washing machine going up the stairs
A kid laughing at a duck, then they go outside and try to hurt the duck
Someone falling down stairs
Opening and closing windows
I like the use of repetition
An owl quick clock
A button going on and off
I like the way you have the jazz music


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