Genius Hour- Speed Geeking Style

The second round of Genius Hour Projects this year were shared with our community, Speed Geeking style.

Project teams had to present 10 slides showing their journey making particular reference if possible to how they had developed key skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, organisation, investigation and begin digitally responsible.

Genius Hour II from shillinberlin on Vimeo.

The projects on offer were:

“Genius Journey” All about Genius Hour

“The New World Cup” Scholars reflect on the World Scholars Cup

“Web Idols” Build a website about your favourite pop idol

“Life Hacks” A website all about life hacks to simplify your life

“Go Go Go Kart” Build your own go kart

“Mining Minecraft” Control Minecraft on your iPad via your Mac

“8 bit School” Build the school in Minecraft

“The Voice” Become a singer songwriter

“Magic Makey Makey” inventing new musical instruments with Playdough and keys

“Ache to Bake” creating recipes, baking them and selling the treats for charity


Speed Geekers were invited to peer assess the projects using a tripod model adapted by a creation from Ed Charlwood

Genius Hour Peer assessment



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