A good website…

What makes a good website?

As part of Design, grade 7 were asked the above question.

Here’s what they came up with:

  1. User friendly
  2. Purpose
  3. Organised
  4. learn something from it

We can relate these ideas directly to UX & UI in the language of a web designer, namely User Experience and User Interface.

We shared the world’s first website http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html comparing this with contemporary sites such as Medium.

Following these comparisons students have the opportunity to create and design the following:

1. Using Weebly to build a website about Digital Citizenship

2. Using Weebly to build a website to address the ICT Balance Debate

3. Developing a website from grassroots through HTML and CSS getting ideas from Codecademy.

Throughout the year all primary students have been developing their personal blogs and websites, telling their story and sharing their reflections on learning. These media rich creations are transforming ways in which students are using text, manipulating images and publishing their ideas through film and sound, creating opportunities for students to develop a wealth of digital literacy skills whilst creating something meaningful.

Here is the collection of the student web creations curated to iAMPartDigital. Enjoy reading the different views and perspectives.




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