Mobile + Digital= internationally minded global citizen

In his ‘Hour of Code’ introduction, of the Black Eyed Peas, stated that coders are our future rock stars!

Following the successes of European Code Week we formed an After School Club,“Coding Rockstars”!

Using Hopscotch, an incredibly user friendly iPad coding environment, our creative group quickly mastered visual coding and began designing more complex animations and games. Their goal was to share what they had learnt by creating a short movie or tutorial to inspire others to learn code.

We are incredibly proud to see some of our movies on the Hopscotch app developers’ Youtube channel.

The full series of movies can be seen at Learning Freewheel.

Grade 2 students have explored how toys and games have evolved through time, comparing Etchasketch and dominoes with the visual programming environment. Developing deeper understandings, Grade 8 used Hopscotch as part of their inquiries into the properties of exterior angles of polygons.

In an increasingly digital world there is a need to reexamine how we balance our physical and digital worlds. Human kind is the interface between these two worlds, where imagination can become reality. Evolving opportunities to innovate, create and share these creations allows for a greater connection with a global community. Embracing these essential skills of innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication is at the heart of our GEMS Core Values.

By involving learners in both worlds and reflecting on both the advantages and disadvantages, they develop the skill of thoughtfully blending physical and digital environments to critically evaluate and solve challenges.

The profile of a life long learner requires students to be mobile and digital if they are to be truly internationally minded global citizens. Having the opportunity to be part of this game-changing interface between these two worlds is essential if our students are to be the creators of their own futures and make a difference in the world.


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