A film without sound- Intro. to the City Rings Project

the city rings from kobewens on Vimeo.

Watching a film without sound

Objective: Learners will use live sound creation, as part of the City Rings Sound project to develop a system to perform a live accompaniment to a visual provocation.

Building on yesterday’s music without music. Students revisited their ideas through discussions using the Inside Outside ELL strategy. They quickly were able to organise themselves into two circles.

The grade 2 SoundSystem at work

Provocation: http://thecityrings.org played without sound.

Think, Pair and Share: Students discussed the qualities of pre recorded sounds captured.

By utilising and improving systems developed in previous engagement, student will perform a live accompaniment to the visual imagery (conductor v no conductor)

Students are given freedom to explore and organise themselves to perform.

Reflect and Act- talking whispers, learners share new ideas to improve performance possibly changing sound object. Using talking tape students feedback ideas to group

We used the student generated Sound System as a checklist

Rehearsal 2: students perform their composition including improvements- listen back with visual and reflect.

Observation of workflows established to create the new recordings and reflection demonstrate initial understanding of how systems can be developed.

We found that with a conductor, performing was tricky live as our conductor wasn’t sure of the sounds each member of our ‘orchestra’ had.

Without a conductor but using the film as a guide, the performance came more naturally.

For the following week to improve our system we will investigate ways of writing a sound score for the conductor to follow.

Take a look at The City Rings pages


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