Deepening understanding of the IB Learner Profile through Minecraft, Twitter and blogging.

First Grade began the morning by reflecting on their learning journeys. Entering their virtual parks, built around Learner Profile statues of carer and inquirer, students took screen shots and then added them to their learning blogs, reflecting on what they had learnt. These Minecraft virtual parks have built a strong community of learners who, through developing essential agreements, are modelling these attributes in both physical and virtual worlds.


By tweeting out thoughts and questions to schools around the world they have embodied the GEMS core values of global citizenship, growing by learning, pursuing excellence and leading by innovation. Their inquiries have led them on a journey that has constructed meaning of their Central Idea: Physical and virtual spaces provide people with opportunities to make connections and establish a sense of community.

Marc Prensky in his article, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” (2001) defined the term, “digital native”. It is becoming increasingly evident from the learning above that our first graders, as digital natives can find the balance between physical and virtual worlds.

Next week they will share their parks with the school community where participants will be able to interact and enjoy a walk in the park making connections with the IB Learner Profile and essential agreements, created originally for Minecraft club which now have far reaching potential for transforming both physical and virtual spaces.


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