Animating growing!


Taking inspiration from The British Film Institute Short, ‘Growing’ by Alison Hempstock, Kindergarten created a storyboard of the growing journey of a seed from planting to blossoming.

We checked the storyboard with another story to see if the process in the same. Reading ‘The Story of Frog Belly Ratbone” by Timothy Basil Ering, we agreed! The author had used a similar storyboard.

Using pastels on sugar paper the class explored different aspects of the film including the use of close up and animation techniques. One student noted that the film was “so old…” which led beautifully to discussing how this film was made from lots of hand draw images which create the flickering effect. They discovered different techniques of working with pastels including that fact that your hands get very dusty when you smudge! They then used ‘I can Animate’ to animate the drawing process live, finding out that they had captured the growing process too.

There is great value in playing a film as a provocation and just listening to the ensuing discussions to grasp a snapshot of current understanding.

Have a look at out resulting animations.




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