Capturing the essence of an idea with HEADLINES

Grade One continue to explore physical and virtual spaces. Beginning with a short visualisation, we explored the idea of having a private space in our minds. A space to be calm and peaceful. Becoming aware of our breathing, we gradually built up images and senses of a grassy park in summer. In the centre of the park was an old tree full with thick green leaves. This was the place for us all to rest, sitting with our backs to the tree.

Following on from the visualisation we returned to the book, ‘The Great Paper Caper’ by Oliver Jeffers. Set in a forest, students quickly connected to the unit and the concept of responsibility. Imagining they were journalists visiting the site of the disappearing branches, they wrote headlines to capture the issues and how the space was changing. Building vocabulary ideas and punctuation, with punctuation kung fu we also looked at alliteration.

Visible Thinking Strategy-Headlines


These were recorded on iPad directly into Soundcloud, spoken as a radio news flash with great expression (listen above)


Building on existing understanding, students then returned to their two Minecraft worlds, Inquirer and Caring. At the centre piece of  each world is a sculpture, built collaboratively to illustrate each Learner Profile Attribute. Visiting each others, worlds the builders began designing virtual spaces where people could interact, play and create areas within the spaces that embodied each attribute.We had a list of our virtual names to help us communicate together and used the messaging function in Minecraft to give project prompts.

We look forward to inviting guests to visit our virtual, learner profile parks.

Next up we’ll tweet Headlines about our Minecraft Learner Profile Spaces.



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