Building understanding ‘Minecraft without Minecraft’

Minecraft club at GEMS World Academy-Etoy is a popular club. All age groups (even teachers) gather together at lunchtime to build and create together.
This week team members got together for a Minecraft session without Minecraft- to build and create new understandings.
They were asked the question: What does it look like and feel like?
Answers guided the constructing of essential agreements of Minecraft play turning don’t in to positive do’s.
The attached article below gives an informative overview of the game from a parents perspective.

‘Minecraft without Minecraft’ understanding building :The Word Cloud -What it feels and looks like.

A particular highlight of the engagement was when a new student, new to English, explained that she felt immediately comfortable playing with her new friends in the virtual playground.
Here are our essential agreements transformed from don’ts

1. Keep worlds in good condition and safe.
2.Respect each other’s virtual self
3. Allow people their privacy
4. Listen to each other
5. Build together, share and help each other
6. Use kind words when ‘communicating’

An excellent collaboration between students.
We look forward to the next club where worlds will be revisited to build new projects, create missions and competitions.
The following article presents further insights.


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