What is technology?

All part of an IB study I am involved in, could you please provide me with a quick response to the question below- no more than 140 characters please (Twitter Rules)

What is ‘Technology’

Technology is a way of communicate and share with all the world.

Technology is the evolution of the creation, the way to share and develop, Is the most powerful tool human kind has created. So please, learn to use it well.

Technology is an application of scientific knowledge to create tools that meet practical needs.

Technology is the next step in the evolution of homo sapiens.

Technology is a form of forward thinking to develop tools and systems to make our everyday lives more efficient.

Technology is the science of executing a series of different functions at once to enhance and facilitate advancement and development

Technology is the use of modern or up to date scientific advances, tools, machines, techniques and knowledge in order to make things simpler , better or a solution to something.

Technology is a very big step to help you in your day by day life, but if is not used correctly it can also destroy your life in less of a day

Technology refers to any electronic tool that exists to perform a specific function. One example would be to do something faster than we would be able to without

Technology empowers us to continuously grow, learn, connect, and share on a global scale.

Es la evolución de la creación, la forma de compartir y desarrollar. Es la herramienta más poderosa que ha creado la humanidad. Por favor, aprende a usarla bien.Image


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