The sound of sending a Tweet

When Kindergarten send tweets they always help their writing send by tweet, tweet, tweeting…

Today, back from their holidays they were reading through tweets to the class and responses, retweets etc and they noticed that the author of the book where this journey began, Claire Freedman ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ had made contact.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.21.05

So they got to work writing back to with questions and ideas for new stories.

First they whispered a few ideas to each other

Then they began composing their tweets


Tweets were then posted as photographs to the author.

On returning to their Twitter feed they noticed that the aliens had sent them another Podcast. Part 2 of ‘Dr Xargles Book of Earthlets‘, with the instruction to look for QR codes and scan to listen.

Have a listen hear:

Using a QR code scanner iPad app, students quickly were able to scan and listen to the recording and were curious about some of the descriptions of Earthlets. Luckily the aliens had also left the book behind so they could listen to the story again with pictures too.

Now pheelers, fur and tentacles all made sense!

QR codes are an amazing tool to support learning and provide easy access for all students to independently discover and publish content.


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