‘Speed Geeking’ Professional Development for teachers by teachers


Speed Geeking is a highly effective way of delivering high quality professional development and empowering teachers to become digital leaders.

We recently held our digital skills, speed geeking session.

Digital Leaders had to pitch their ‘skill’ for 30 seconds with participants moving quickly from one pitch to another then making their choice which 15 minute session to attend.

We had two rounds with workshops on the following themes:

1. Presenting with Explain Everything

2. Twitter: building a PLN & connecting your classroom

3. Digital Book creation with BookCreator

4. Lend Me your Literacy: publishing student writing to a global audience

5. Adding movies to Vimeo and publishing to your Weebly class website

6. Filming an interview in iMovie

7. Digital Music creation with Figure

Workshop leaders will be shortly awarded a digital badge created with Makewaves, a community of thousands of schools sharing their creativity and raising achievement with badges. Digital leader badges will be the first in a series of digital badges awarded to students and teachers as part of a school wide digital badge pilot scheme.

Participants are already requesting further opportunities for this platform of professional development.

An indirect result was the formation of #battsuisse bring a teacher to Twitter in Switzerland building on the growing community established in the UK @battuk



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