Finding Balance: Digital Dominoes with @hopscotch


Finding a balance between digital and physical worlds can be challenging. With these challenges comes the  possibility of redefining how we engage with digital media. The reality is that digital environments are now an essential part of our lives, especially for our ‘touch screen’ natives.

Grade 2 have been exploring how toys and games have evolved through time. They have compared Etchasketch and dominoes with the iPad coding environment, Hopscotch.

Provided with the challenge of building a line of dominoes between two tables, the team quickly developed strategies to solve problems, developing collaboration skills and building from ideas through trial and error.

Following this learning engagement they then began experimenting with collisions in Hopscotch. These ‘digital dominoes’ built on previous learning, where students made tilt sensitive Etchasketches on iPad. Collaborating together to complete the task and idea evolved to bring both worlds together, the result: A digital domino rally, controlled by humans.

Check out the results and findings below:

How is building in a coding environment different?

Students used a T chart to explore the questions.

IMG_2307 IMG_2306

Finding a balance created opportunities to continue the development of essential skills of creativity, collaboration and communication where the focus was on making. By involving learners in both worlds and reflecting on the advantages/disadvantages they will gradually develop the skill of choosing appropriate tools for appropriate tasks. To find balance we must engage with both the digital and physical worlds.


One thought on “Finding Balance: Digital Dominoes with @hopscotch

  1. I absolutely love this for so many reasons. I love the focus on the overarching key concepts. I love the integration and comparison between digital and physical worlds and I love the scientific component.

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