Post Bett2014 Reflection1.2 – Empowering learners

Tonight is the fifth round of our new after school club – Coding Rockstars! We are making and inventing games in Hopscotch- the iPad coding environment where the learners teach each other, share ideas and develop their own curriculum/schedule based on their passion. The feel of the club is engaging and charged with creativity. Much like our lunchtime Minecraft club (with most of the school attending) the learners lead the learning and and happy to collaborate, openly sharing thinking, solving problems and try out new ideas.


Our coding rockstars reflected on their experiences so far and noted that they enjoyed:

Figuring out problems, getting help from friends, testing other people’s projects, making games, exploring, making things.

I personally have enjoyed seeing how age is not a barrier to problem solving- the relaxed atmosphere encourages peer to peer learning where traditionally younger students may be fearful of approaching older students for support and vica versa.

Learners leading the learning is an idea explored by Matt Renwick.

Passion-Based Learning, Day 1: Probing Minecraft’s Appeal

At the TeachMeet during Bett2014 the idea of Speed geeking was presented. This week we shall be hosting our first Speed Geeking session. Here’s how it works:

  • Members of the team have a digital skill to teach and share- they have 30 seconds to pitch the ‘skill’ in the form of ‘speed dating’.
  • Participants move around the tables every 30 seconds, listening to each pitch.
  • Following this they decide which digital skill they would like to learn, they go to this table and have 15 minutes of quality, hands on learning.

We have a diverse range of skills on offer:

Lend me Your Literacy, Explain Everything, editing in iMovie, adding Video to Vimeo (embedding in class website), Twitter(building a PLN & connecting your class), Digital storytelling with Book Creator, Digital Music creation with Figure.

Speed Geeking has proved very successful around the world as a form of delivering hands on Professional Development and empowering teachers to be the experts and do what they do best- empower learners to learn!

Imagine education and learning 30 years from now!

This was the theme of the BETT 2014 ‘graffiti’ wall, excellently capturing the thoughts and visions of attendees by the Creative Connection team.

This visual approach inspired our Kindergarten students to create a visual harvest of thoughts and ideas related to storytelling. The inspiration came from a FaceTime call we had together whilst I was in London at BETT2014, where I was able to show students the wall being created.


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