It’s all in the experience

This a great post about emerging trends in education predicted to flourish in 2014. The focus being on experience and not on the tech. We are currently exploring Makerspaces, Genius Hour and Coding opportunities at our school in Switzerland. Through creating opportunities for students to explore their passions and discover new ideas, learning has the opportunity to be transformed. Our students will be able to lead through innovation, developing critical thinking abilities and key skills of collaboration and communication.


Recent events such as Europe Code Week #codeEU exemplified the above with a whole learning community coming together to discover coding and important digital literacy skills through hands on experience.

Check out the feature from the Europe Code Week team:

In Genius Hour this week we reconnected with our original goals and intentions. With our minds on the three rules of Genius Hour, namely; a driving question, research and sharing with the world, we began planning our Pecha Kucha style presentations. 150/10. 10 photographs that tell your Genius Hour story, 15 seconds per photograph. The event will take place at the beginning of February.



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