inspiration for innovation & creativity

Revisiting the the bright spots from the previous term, 2014 shall begin with the provocation:

Can you draw sound?

The provocation and following engagement developed an understanding of developing workflows from image creation/capture to production.Building existing skills in movie and image editing through collaboration and discovery, the artists discussed how the engagement could redefine learning and deepen understanding when adapted for specific units of inquiry.

Try the engagement yourself: tweet your creation to #brushingsound

Listening to the following sound recording, participants were encouraged to capture the feeling of the sounds.


Using Brushes on iPad the sound journey was visualised through texture, colours and pattern.

Using a sharing strategy (inside/outside circles) we share the recording of created visualisations and finally collected images from other colleagues via Airdrop


Using iMovie images were combined with audio and text to tell a story.


Finished creations were viewed via AirPlay.

How has the above learning engagement developed creativity, collaboration and communication?

Has learning been redefined by the technology used?

Continuing the discussion we discovered the potential of innovative delivery via Prowise presenter and discussed the potential of utilising our media areas to build on the creative skills of our students.

Developing the potential for our students to create their own futures.

Further reading:

Here is collection of recent articles discussing, innovation in learning, mobile learning and becoming invisible in your classroom.

7-ways-imagination-ruled-the-world-in-2013 Conversations about creativity and innovation have been happening all over the world. Recent innovations at GWA Etoy included 3/7 of the above into their learning landscape; ‘Genius Hour’ , ‘An Hour of Code’ and Cardboard creations.

The Curious Case of the ChromeBook is it really a hit Do we really need keyboards?

Tablets for Fifth Graders A study of mobile learning and enhancing learning

The Future of Learning Can you ‘hack’ your own learning?

Becoming invisible in my classroom Does the changing role of the teacher fill you with fear?

The iPad in Practice, Designing Flows and Ladders for the classroom  Ruben R. Puentedura discusses the SAMR model, Bloom’s Taxonomy and approaches to organising workflows in learning.

Sharing our journey

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