A thoughtful day of coding and reflection today, beginning with one student sharing that she discovered her Grandad was a coder! With Arduino traffic light problems, hands on 3D puzzles challenging critical thinking, tinkerers bar and a lunch time gemsgeekettes talk.

Gemsgeekettes- We had a very meaningful discussion about the girls in science and technology and traditional perspectives, watching the following as a provocation:
Our reflective, gemsgeekettes decided rather than having a weekly gemsgeekettes meet up where they would effectively discriminate against the boys that it was better to have an open code club with all welcome.
This is pretty amazing. Give students a voice and they can lead the way.
Teacher Reflection
Here’s a reflection from a teacher, highlighting the shift in thinking- learning together and empowering learners to share ideas and creativity.

During code week I have been working with the student’s to code a computer character to draw a football pitch and add to players to our game.

Unfortunately I also did not know how to do this so we had to learn together.  We all experimented with different ideas and then shared our learning if we found something useful for the task.  Quite often it was the student’s teaching me!!!

I asked the student’s what it was like for them to be the teachers for a change?  They thought it was funny when I became excited once I had solved a problem.  It was really lovely for us to learn collaboratively and to be at the same level.

Later in the week I saw the older students playing around with the same game and I explained what we had done.  One of the student’s was a sibling of a girl in my class and already knew about the football pitch.  His sister had showed him and he had already coded a football pitch himself but he had taken it to the next level.  It is fantastic that this sharing continued at home and once again the student was teaching me!


Links: Here are some links that came up over the course of the day:

Circuit Scribe Draw circuits instantly


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