An action packed day with many highlights beginning with 5th graders demonstrating how quickly one can make connections and develop new ideas. Having being introduced to key concepts and vocabulary through domino rally the grade 5 team were given a short guide to Hopscotch coding environment with the challenge of creating collisions. Immediately they suggested using emoji icons which dramatically transforms the potential for using a variety of characters and created results previously unimagined (SAMR technology allows for a redefinition of learning)

Following this they took their #FirstLeap into LeapMotion feeling very comfortable with this gesture controlled environment.


The first official school wide Minecraft club took place today, welcoming students from all grades. We discussed wing responsible in digital environments and quickly students across grade levels were sharing ideas, collaborating, playing hide and seek in each other’s worlds. Teachers joined them and quickly there was a huge ‘buzz’ about the open learning gallery.

Listen below:


Mr Pearcy gave us the lowdown on coding from Scratch to Arduino to Python in 10 minutes. To a packed audience he explained that all environments were essentially similar and that script is just another language. Exploring demonstration code for a lightning flash, pedestrian crossing sequence and prime number identification we were left feeling confident that we could learn a new language be that Java Script, C or Python.

The Python environment is available for iPad here PYTHON


In Genius Hour today 6th Graders created a short tutorial of how to get started in Hopscotch, the beginnings of the third rule of Genius Hour, sharing your project with the world.

Tomorrow sees the first GemsGeekettes club discussing coding for girls.


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