The City Rings ripples of Sonic Snaps spread

With snow descending on Switzerland team Etoy began the session with inspiration from ‘Music for one apartment and Six Drummers’

The City Rings Project has developed creativity and collaboration between students, schools and disciplines. The sound waves shall continue to flow long after the project with students having multiple opportunities to use their sounds and compositions for future learning engagements. A score for a film, inspiration for a poem, a sonic picture… we’ve already used many ideas with other grades. First graders drawing and capturing soundscapes from handmade instruments in their spontaneously created ‘recording studio’ (the toilet) complete with sign.


Before they made recordings they had to imagine how the ‘soundspines’ of their instruments would look like. Here are their ideas:

I’m always amazed how quickly students will adopt various roles as they are learning. We had a sound technician, musician and sound editor all willing to share their skills and expertise.

Following the recording session, the class uploaded their sounds to SoundCloud and reflected on their initial drawings by comparing their SoundSpines with the SoundClouds.


Recording directly into GarageBand using an attached microphone provided the artists with immediate opportunities to edit and remix the sounds and furthermore a continuous workflow by publishing directly to Soundcloud from within the app. However it’s worth noting that getting the sounds to the required format .wav for free sound requires multiple steps via Soundcloud and Audacity adding the the fun.


All the captured sonicsnaps can be found here sonicsnaps_GemsEtoy_session3captures

Here’s a sample:


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